BluffTitler DX9 v.

BluffTitler adalah cara termudah untuk menambahkan teks 3D animasi spektakuler untuk foto dan video dengan berbagai macam style atau gaya untuk menciptakan teks 3d yang sempurna.

Fitur :
– Golden beveled titles
– Blood dripping titles
– JPG textured titles
– MPG textured titles
– Slimy titles
– Hairy titles
– Exploding titles
– Reflection mapped titles
– Twisted titles
– Cartoon shaded titles
– Golden glowing titles
– Spooky lightened titles
– Titles with silver spikes
– Jumbling titles
– Inverted titles
– Bouncing titles
– Powerfield emitting titles
– Titles with flying hearts
– Pumping titles
– Plasma backgrounds
– Background videos morphing into donuts
– Particle effects
– MP3 audio
– Morphing JPG pictures
– Exploding video backgrounds
– Fractal backgrounds


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